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Cellular Shades look fashionable and help insulate your home.  They come in a broad spectrum of color options and cell sizes. Cellular Shades help reduce energy costs by way of air pockets that insulate windows from heat or cold. Break-away tassels and cordless features make them child safe. Take advantage of the top-down bottom-up feature when partial privacy is desired, while still enjoying the views from your living area. Consider a black out shade for a home theater room or nursery.  With their clean design, they are a great solution for skylights, arches, or on doors. For covering hard to reach windows, motorization pairs well with these shades. A 3/8” Double Cell provides the most insulation and sound absorption. While a 3/8” Single Cell provides a sleek look for small to medium windows, a 3/4” Single Cell is a great option for bigger windows. When searching for window coverings that meet all your design needs while providing energy efficiency, low maintenance, and style, Cellular Shades are the right choice.


Roller Shades are a great solution for large or small windows. With many existing options, textures, colors and patterns they can satisfy most designer needs. Multiple opacity levels allow you to cover your windows with the right amount of sun protection.  Whether you’re looking for a translucent and airy sheer fabric, or light filtering for a soft outline, to a room-darkening or full blackout shade, Roller Shades can offer you all of these alternatives. If you can’t decide, fabrics can be paired as a Dual Shade, offering you a great degree of versatility. Our Roller Shades can also be combined with sliding panels to create a uniform look throughout any room.  They are great in a commercial setting because of their ease of use and ability to be motorized. With their clean lines, Roller Shades are a smart solution for any room.


Solar Shades can complement any room.  A bright tangerine color can give your room a bold statement. Or choose a natural colored shade, to create an understated sense of style. These minimal yet refined shades provide protection against UV rays and sun glare, without compromising views or style. Multiple opacity levels allow you to cover your windows with the right amount of sun protection.  Solar Shades can also be combined with sliding panels to create a uniform look throughout any room. With a touch of a button, motorization allows you to raise or lower all of the shades in your living space. Allow Solar Shades to bring the beauty of the outdoors in.


Pleated Shades offer you an array of patterns, colors and textures.  These shades consist of designer fabrics folded into perfect pleats that make a bold statement of style. Pleats are offered in two sizes 1” and 2”. They can be unlined, for the maximum amount of light filtering.  Or if you prefer a privacy liner, for diffused light. Blackout Liners provide the maximum amount of privacy. Fabrics can be paired together on one shade, providing versatility for day/night use. These sleek shades provide a classic look while maintaining a modern style. Dress your windows with Pleated Shades.

Woven Woods

Woven Wood Shades create beautiful windows. They filter light delicately and naturally. Made of organic materials such as bamboo, jute, and grasses, the outdoors come to life indoors. A wide selection of colors, weaves, textures, and styles make the possibilities endless. Woven Shades are offered in Roman Shades, Drapes, and Sliding Panels providing you the opportunity to decorate with continuity.  Customize your shades with valances and edge banding, to match the style of your rooms. Add a liner to control lighting and insulation. Bring warmth to your living space with the natural look of Woven Shades.

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels allow you to cover expansive windows without having to sacrifice style or function. Combine them with matching Roller Shades for a refined finish. They can be used over sliding doors, as room dividers, and even as closet doors. Maintenance free panels can provide years of protection from UV rays and sun glare. Multiple opacity levels allow you to cover your windows with the right amount of sun protection. With many existing options, textures, colors and patterns Sliding Panels can bring the right design element to any room.

Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades create high fashion in any room.  For gorgeous shades look no further.  Beautiful fabrics will create spaces that will compliment your home.  All shading hardware is color coordinated to your fabric choice. Sheer Shades are perfectly designed, to create an unobstructed view.  They filter harmful UV rays and sun glare by diffusing light throughout the room. Layer them with Drapery Panels for added depth. Maintain privacy and an enhanced view with Sheer Shades.



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